Teacher Success

You can’t choose options you don’t know exist. With the ASEL team visiting schools weekly to encourage and admonish teachers we’ve seen improvement in their attitudes and teaching methods this year!

Earlier in the school year some teachers were discouraged about their low salaries despite the inflating prices of food this year. Roger was able to encourage them from the word to not grow weary in doing good. They are in a difficult position, but God is our provider. We can trust him to care for us even in hard times. Those same teachers successfully finished this school year with a renewed spirit evidenced by their investment in their students lives. Several middle school students became believers through their witness this year!

Student at the Kara School

Another school just completed it’s 1st year! On an early visit Roger noticed teachers using a stick to try to keep order in the classroom. He made it a priority to visit them at least twice a week to help the teachers understand their role as a Christian educator.  By the end of the year, there was a vast difference in the teachers’ attitudes and a majority of parents and students reported how happy they were to be at school. 

Our desire is to continue this ministry next school year, but funding is extremely low. Will you consider giving to cover the travel expenses of our ASEL team?

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