One Sunday, 9 believers were baptized at a local church as a public declaration of their faith in Jesus.  Among them was Joseph, our Math teacher La Lumière Middle School.

Right before the baptism, Joseph shared his testimony about how he had grown up going to church but didn’t have a personal relationship with Christ. 

When he joined our school in 2016, he also started attending the local baptist church and the pastor met with him individually.  It was during these times that he finally realized that Jesus was the only way to have eternal life. 

Joseph’s joy and assurance in Jesus Christ is evident to all who meet him.  He leads a weekly bible study for middle school boys and is growing in his faith. God is using the schools to change not just the lives of the students, but those of the teachers as well!

This story of life change is only possible because of your support.  Your giving helps us train teachers, equipping them with tools to educate and disciple their students.

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