Wearing Pink

Two years ago, a girl from Ghana, “R”, lost her father so she moved to be with her mother’s family in Adeta, Togo.  She didn’t speak any French, but when she saw our students wearing the pink uniforms, she knew she wanted to attend our school.

“R” identified openly as a Muslim but allowed Christy Sopcisak to translate the bible lessons into English for her. 

When the it came time to collect school fees, “R” stopped coming to school and because her family couldn’t afford the yearly tuition of $40USD.  Thanks to our scholarship fund, she was able to return!  She and 30 other students have been helped with tuition costs this school year.  

As her French and confidence is improving, “R” has become comfortable in her class, even volunteering to pray in front of the group. We pray that “R” will give her heart to Jesus.  We believe in the power of prayer and we know God is using the school ministry to bring more people into His saving grace.

This story of life change is only possible because of your support.  Your giving helps us train teachers, equipping them with tools to educate and disciple their students.

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